(BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING) is an intelligent 3D model based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction professionals the tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

A BIM model

is a virtual three-dimensional construction site. It can be a building, an infrastructure projects or other smaller or larger projects.

A BIM object

also referred to as a BIM family,is a kind of a building block. Using BIM objects as building blocks, simplifies the process of constructing a BIM model. Examples of BIM objects can be walls, windows or, as in our case, luminaires.

Some of the best BIM objects in the industry

Development of Glamox Luxonic BIM objects

Glamox Luxonic realized early on that the use of 3D construction software for planning and construction of buildings would become increasingly common. In order to meet the expected demand from our customers for 3D objects (see definition in frame), we started a project with the target of offering the best BIM objects in the lighting industry.
After careful assessment, we decided that the software Revit from AutoDesk was the best platform for our BIM files, and we developed our files in close collaboration with Symetri, the Scandinavian provider of the Revit software, to make them among the best in the market. Since 2012, we have offered free BIM files on our web page.

Continuous improvements
Over the years, we have continuously improved our BIM files. Both the 3D construction and the technical information have been fine-tuned. More useful information has been added, such as the number of drivers per 16A MCB B or C fuse specific for each model, and also IFC-parameters, ensuring that technical information in our BIM files are exported correctly to IFC. Today we also offer both Face based and Unhosted BIM files for the complete collection, as the industry uses both types in their planning and construction.

Updated and product specific files
As we design and construct our BIM files in-house, technical upgrades of our products are implemented in our files and published on web continuously. This makes all our files on web up to date and perfect for planning, designing and constructing.
Over the last few years, the use of BIM as a tool for operations and maintenance of buildings have become increasingly common. Glamox Luxonic BIM objects are product specific, which makes them especially well suited for this purpose!

Glamox Luxonic 3D-rendered model, compared with Glamox Luxonic BIM

3D rendering of Glamox Luxonic product

Glamox Luxonic BIM models; designed accurate but without design details, keeping the data size between 300 and 500 kb!

Glamox Luxonic offers two BIM object types

Face based model


Glamox Luxonic BIM objects offers

• Accurate, but small 3D-models. 300 to 500 kb
• Product specific files, well suited for both planning, operations and maintenance
• Product specific light measurement (IES) embedded in the model
• Both Unhosted and Face based objects
• All Glamox LUxonic BIM files are easy to find on our web page
• A wide range of technical information
• In-house design and construction, ensuring correct information to our customers at all time
• IFC-parameter in the technical information (for export to open BIM)

We offer BIM files for our complete web assortment!

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