Reduce carbon footprint - save energy costs

Electricity bills are among the largest costs at any facility - and lighting is a major part of it. But the great news is that by combining premium luminaires with our lighting control systems, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%.

Lower energy consumption translates to less waste and less pollution. You can choose solutions that are both economical and eco-friendly. 

New LED luminaires, sensors and wireless control reduce the power consumption of the Norwegian company Spenncon by more than 1 GWh per year achieve annual savings of nearly 100,000 €.

Previous energy consumption: 1.4 GWh per year
With our lighting controls: 350 MWh
Estimated energy savings: up to 87%
Adjusted to customer preferences: 75%

Trondheim Parking, the public parking company, upgraded two of their parks with new LED luminaires and a wireless lighting control system from Glamox. It allows full control over the lighting installation from the company’s offices through our cloud-based solution.

Previous energy consumption: 14,400 kWh per week
With our lighting controls: 2,160 kWh
Estimated energy savings: 86%