Masterclass - Human Centric Lighting


Professor Peter Barrett
"Human centric design for learning"

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Dr. Laura Huiberts
"Effects of light on cognitive performance: challenges for developing healthy indoor lighting"

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Jamie Whitten
"How to implement effective Human Centric Lighting solutions today"

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Resources on Human Centric Lighting

Glamox HCL web
Learn more about Human Centric Lighting on our website

HCL leaflet
Download our leaflet about Human Centric Lighting here

Glamox HCL references
Find an overview of Glamx HCL references here.

HCL virtual reality demo
Try our virtual reality demo of a Human Centric Lighting solution here. 
NB: VR glasses are needed to get the full experience.

Resources on Light Management

Glamox LMS video
Watch our video about Glamox LMS solutions

Glamox LMS brochure
Download our LMS brochure. 

Glamox LMS web
Learn more about Light Management on our website

Glamox DALI brochure
Download our brochure about the Glamox DALI LMS system. 

Glamox Wireless brochure
Download our brochure about the Glamox Wireless LMS system.