Lighting solutions for hospitals and healthcare

Healthcare premises are demanding environments for a lighting designer. The wide variety of tasks being performed and the vast differentials in physical abilities of those using the premises requires a number of different lighting solutions.

Our healthcare lighting concept means:

Confidence in our solutions

Patients, hospital staff and visitors all have different needs. Understanding those needs is a prerequisite for designing the right lighting solutions for a medical environment.

Functionality and ergonomics

Products from Glamox cater to individual needs. Our solutions provide freedom of movement and the ability to place the light where it is needed.

Durability, low maintenance and life cycle costs

Products and solutions from Glamox are energy efficient. We offer products with long lifetimes and low maintenance costs that are particularly well suited for 24/7 environments.

Application guide

Check out our room-by-room guide with recommendations and requirements for lighting in healthcare facilities.

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How to light a patientroom

Switch between the tabs to study three recommended lighting solutions for patientroom.

Architectural solution with recessed luminaires

An aesthetically pleasing solution with circular recessed luminaires. The circular optics provide a homelike feeling. The bedhead luminaire Glamox A55-W has powerful uplight for good general lighting, while the downlight component provides excellent reading light.

Architectural solution

Basic solution with recessed luminaires

Luminaires recessed into the ceiling provide an uncluttered, aesthetic look, with clean lines and excellent general lighting. The patient´s bedhead luminaire, Carelite is a dimmable wall-mounted reading light.

Basic solution

Surface mounted solution with Glamox A20-S luminaires

A surface mounted solution is often used with smooth plasterboard or concrete ceilings, and in ceilings with little space for recessed options. Glamox A20-S is a decorative option for surface mounting. Its uplight halo effect reduces glare. Supplemented with a wall-mounted Carelite reading / night watch light.

Surface mounted solution

Human Centric Lighting in healthcare institutions

Human Centric Lighting can adjust people’s daily rhythms and strengthen our motivation, well-being, and productivity. Healthcare environments are well suited to implement lighting cycles containing sunrise, sunset and daylight simulations.

On site lighting assessments

On larger projects, we may offer lighting site assessment visits by our lighting experts. During these visits, we will observe your current lighting conditions and assess your requirements in both aesthetics and performance for the proposed lighting requirements. We will then carry out the necessary lighting calculations by our technical team and propose our recommendation for product types, luminaire positioning and lighting levels. Please contact us for more information.