Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting can adjust people’s daily rhythms and improve their motivation, well-being, and productivity.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Healthcare premises are very demanding environments for the lighting designer. The wide variety of tasks being performed and the vast differentials in physical abilities of those using the premises demands a number of different lighting solutions.

Light control

Light control is all about being able to solve the end user's needs for flexibility, building owners need for proper maintenance guidance and tenant demands for an energy efficient light installation. With a good functional description a modern light control system can provide great flexibility, low energy consumption and a predictable maintenance.


Welcome to the Glamox LED education centre. Here you will find useful information about the LED technology and how we use it to the benefit of our customers.

Ceiling systems

Glamox offers lighting solutions suitable for a wide range of different ceiling systems. Here you will find a complete overview of current ceiling systems with matching Glamox luminaires.

Illuminated magnifiers

Our illuminated magnifiers are not just magnifiers with light, but powerful luminaires with excellent light output and good colour rendering capabilities. They are known for their flexibility and smooth self-balancing properties.        


In 2011, the European lighting norm EN 12464-1 was updated. This update will lead to changes in how indoor workplaces are designed. Glamox Luxo will focus on these changes by explaining what they mean for indoor lighting installations.

Workstation lighting

Workstation lighting is much more important than most people imagine. Our working environment, work performance and well-being are much affected by it. The personal task light is one of the most important factors for achieving a good working environment.


Linect is a universal connection system for recessed luminaires. All luminaires fitted with a Linect® interface can be connected to a plug-in connector system from various manufacturers.

The soft light

Workspace lighting is much more important than most people imagine. Our work environment, work performance and well-being are much affected by it. A whole range of unwanted aches and pains, headaches, neck and back ailments and eyestrain can be attributed to poor lighting. This is because our bodies compensate for poor lighting: We adopt unhealthy postures in order to see well.