Human Centric Lighting

The great effect of light

All living beings have an ‘inner clock’ called circadian rhythm, and humans are no exception. In short, it means we rise with the sun and go to sleep when it sets. Right light at the right time can influence everything from our sleep to how we feel and perform. That is why human-centric lighting (HCL) is beneficial for schools, health facilities, offices and industrial buildings.

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Open your eyes to Glamox Luxonic HCL - The best possible light for humans 

Glamox Luxonic HCL solutions are WELL Building Standard™ compliant. 

Try our interactive demo to see what HCL is all about. Move “the sun” to experience how the light changes throughout the day.

What is human centric lighting?

HCL is a way of bringing the natural changes of light intensity and colour temperature indoors by using artificial light to imitate natural light. HCL puts humans in the centre when developing lighting systems, providing optimized work- and living environments.

Light has a great effect on us humans

Daylight stimulates us, and influences our moods and activity level. As we spend much time indoors, the characteristics of artificial light becomes significant. HCL solutions can compensate for the lack of daylight and contribute to the natural circadian rhythm of humans.

HCL puts humans in the centre when developing lighting systems, providing optimized work and living environments.

Biological Lighting
Solutions that mimic the qualities of daylight to enhance human performance, wellbeing and to support a favorable circadian rhythm.


Ergonomic lighting

Solutions in which lighting technology is used to produce light of different colours in order to create ideal visual working conditions.

Therapeutic lighting

Solutions that can play a part in the treatment and well-being of patients suffering from psychiatric diagnosis or dementia.

Why install a human centric lighting solution?

Humans are affected by light not only on a visual level, but also on a biological one. When installing an HCL solution, you reinforce your circadian rhythm, enhancing your cognitive skills and sense of well-being. It is also used to provide ideal visual working conditions in challenging environments.


You sleep better

Glamox Luxonic HCL can improve your sleep quality by adjusting the hormone balance in your body. This is something everyone can benefit from, but it is especially important for vulnerable groups like adolescents, shift workers, psychiatric patients and people with dementia.

You perform better

Glamox Luxonic HCL can improve performance by enhancing the ability to concentrate, increasing alertness and reducing fatigue, which in turn can lessen the number of errors made at work.

You feel better

Users of Glamox Luxonic HCL solutions report that they feel healthier, happier and more energetic. This is because human-centric lighting stimulates the natural circadian rhythm, and hence increases your well-being.

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How to implement Glamox Luxonic HCL

When installing human-centric lighting, there are four parameters that require close attention: spectrum, intensity, timing and duration and distribution. Every building and environment has its own unique challenges that need to be addressed accordingly. To optimize the effect of human-centric lighting, the solution needs to be tailored to your specific needs.


We know that the blue wavelengths in the light are the biologically active parts. For this reason, we use cool white light sources with wavelengths in the blue spectrum to stimulate the body in the morning and as a boost when high concentration and alertness is needed. In the evening warm white light can aid relaxation and rest.

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Research has taught us how much light is needed to influence the biological processes in the human body. We need to choose solutions that provide enough light to achieve this, while taking care of issues such as unwanted glare and energy consumption.

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Timing and duration

Light in the morning is the most effective. It tells our biological clock that the day has begun and that bodily functions need to be activated. Conversely, light exposure in the evening will cause melatonin production to be suppressed and make it harder to fall asleep. It is important that we take these factors into consideration when planning a human-centric lighting solution with a 24hour cycle.

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For light to have a biological effect, our eyes need to be able to perceive bright areas in the room as effectively as possible. Because the receptors that affects our circadian rhythm are particularly sensitive in the lower and nasal part of the eye, illumination of surfaces in the upper part of the field of view is recommended. We have designed a method of calculating the biological effect based on spectrum, intensity and distribution.

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Light for humans

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Human Centric Lighting 
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Applications for Glamox Luxonic HCL

Human-centric lighting has a wide variety of applications, but every solution needs to be tailored to the specific needs of the client. We have more than 70 reference projects of lighting solutions we have developed for schools, health facilities, offices and industrial buildings. 


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Efficient and cost-effective 
Lighting Controls

A human-centric lighting solution requires a sophisticated lighting controls system to set and adjust the time cycle for the intensity and color temperature of the light. Glamox Luxonic offers lighting controls of different levels of complexity and will help you tailor a solution that is both functional and user-friendly.

Although there is no ‘one-size-fits-all solution’, we have developed some general designs for use in different environments, such as healthcare institutions, schools, offices and industry. This makes for efficient and cost-effective implementation of human-centric lighting.

Our experts will help and guide you through every step of the way to ensure the perfect solution for your needs. 

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