Lighting solutions for industrial applications

Industry applications are as diverse as they are plentiful. We provide lighting solutions for all possible environments, from ice cold warehouses to super-hot foundries and smelting works.

Our lighting concept for the industry means:

Durable solutions for all conditions

We take pride in providing products of superior technical quality that work reliably even under demanding conditions.

Dedication to quality

Our products and solutions are developed and tested by our engineers at our own research and testing facilities, and manufactured and certified in accordance with all relevant quality and environmental standards.

Long lifetimes and low maintenance

The lifetime of an industry facility is normally long. The machines inside and supporting equipment are expected to last for a long period of time. Our modern lighting solutions are based on energy saving technologies, extracting synergies from luminaires with efficient optics, light sources and materials, combined with intelligent lighting control systems.

Application guide

Check out our application guide with recommendations and requirements for lighting in industrial environments.

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Examples of lighting solutions in industry 

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Car manufacturing hall with i90-P

The i90-P is an extremely robust industrial luminaire with an acid-resistant steel housing, designed for applications such as ambient temperatures of up to +60°C. Lumen packages from 30000 lm to 60000 lm allow mounting heights OF +/- 28 meters.

Car manufacturing hall with i90-P

Food production facility with MIR

The MIR luminaire belongs to the family of waterproof MULTI luminaires and is extremely robust due to this design. In addition to its long service life, the MIR has a wide range of mounting and application options. The MIR is frequently used in chilled storage warehouses, food production facilities, paint shops, production facilities and in the outdoor area of industrial facilities.

Food production facility with MIR

Storage hall with i10

i10 luminaires offer high robustness and lumen packages up to 16000 lm per 1.5 meter module. A special installation system is available for the luminaires that reduces installation time by up to 50%. i10 is available with different reflectors and enables flexible light distribution for a wide range of application.

Storage hall with i10

Warehouse with i80

The i80 is an efficient and versatile luminaire with lumen packages of up to 60.000 lumen. The design and the specially powder-coated housing meet the highest industrial requirements. At temperatures from -40°C up to 50°C the luminaire is ideal for industrial facilities, warehouses, production areas and frozen storage facilities. Different light distributions always guarantee optimum illumination.

Warehouse with i80

Human Centric Lighting  in industry

Human Centric Lighting can adjust people’s daily rhythms and strengthen our motivation, well-being, and productivity. Lighting installations with higher intensity and tuneable white light may increase production output, and reduce fatigue, errors and accidents in industrial facilities.

On site lighting assessments

On larger projects, we may offer lighting site assessment visits by our lighting experts. During these visits, we will observe your current lighting conditions and assess your requirements in both aesthetics and performance for the proposed lighting requirements. We will then carry out the necessary lighting calculations by our technical team and propose our recommendation for product types, luminaire positioning and lighting levels. Please contact us for more information.