Linect® is a universal connection system for recessed luminaires. All luminaires fitted with a Linect® interface can be connected to a plug-in connector system from various manufacturers.
The Linect® system is available with different types of functionality like on/off, dimming and emergency. The aim is to significantly reduce both delivery and installation times. Our recessed luminaires are now available with Linect® quick connection. Easy and efficient.

A high quality universal wiring system that makes installation simple on site;

 • Plug and play: Linect® luminaires are very quick to install.
 • The connection can be installed or removed just as quickly. Defective lights can be hot swapped.  • Luminaires fitted with Linect® terminals can also be wired conventionally without having to use the built-in plug system

A high quality universal system from which specifiers can benefit in many ways;

• Component compatibility raises the level of freedom of planning and design success and certainty. The installation system is totally independent of the luminaires that are selected.
• This simplifies all phases in a project.
• With Linect® luminaires, bids can be made supplier-independent – both for conventional wiring and for connection to different plug-in connector systems.