A United Family

Following the successful acquisition of Luxonic Lighting on the 30th of April 2019 by the Glamox group, Glamox UK and Luxonic have now merged and changed name in the UK to 'Glamox Luxonic.' The Glamox, Luxonic, and Luxo product brands will still continue to exist under the Glamox Luxonic banner, and going forward it will very much be a case of 'business as usual'. Luxonic's Basingstoke office and factory will serve as Glamox Luxonic's HQ and manufacturing facility, with the UK market very much the new company's focus.

There are some very positive implications associated with the merger as joining forces will make us even better equipped to offer high-quality and innovative complete lighting solutions which meet the needs of our UK customers. Luxonic already has a complete product offering in the UK and is well known for its ability to create bespoke and tailored energy efficient lighting solutions including lighting controls, whilst Glamox is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of lighting solutions for commercial buildings. The companies have over 94 years of combined experience in the UK market and extensive product ranges that we will now combine into an even more comprehensive product offering.

Together, as one business, Glamox Luxonic Ltd, we will offer our customers:

• Complete lighting solutions for commercial, education, healthcare, retail and logistics applications.

• Highly efficient luminaires, versatile lighting control systems, commissioning and lighting solutions ‘Made in Britain.’

• A large and customer service-minded organization with full UK market knowledge and expertise.

• The ability to create tailored and bespoke lighting solutions when required.