Glamox spreads awareness about Human Centric Lighting

Highlights from the Masterclass: Human Centric Lighting for the space we live & work in

Glamox set out on a unique journey, to change the world’s perception of the significance of lighting. As a part of their efforts, the company organized an enlightening Masterclass on the 24th of June 2019, in central London. 

The event brought together learned researchers, enthusiastic consumers and manufacturers who use light-dependent equipment. All had a common interest in using the numerous properties of light to benefit humans. Through a combination of speeches and live demos, the masterclass stressed on how natural and artificial light can affect human performance, sleep and well-being. 

Insightful views of industry experts
The half-day event opened up with a welcome speech by Glamox Lighting’s Managing Director, Mr. Nigel Kilby. This was followed by the official keynote by Professor Peter Barrett,MSc PhD DSc.
Dr. Barrett is an emeritus professor with extensive knowledge of the built environment. During his speech, he stressed on the effects of classroom design and lighting on the learning capabilities of pupils. 

Professor Peter Barrett,MSc PhD DSc.

The knowledge-sharing was carried forward by the second keynote speaker, Dr. Laura Huiberts. Dr. Huiberts is a researcher with an in-depth understanding of the non-visual effects of artificial light exposure on alertness and cognitive performance. As well as enlightening the audience with her findings, she shed light on the challenges faced when developing healthy indoor lighting. 

Dr. Laura Huiberts

The final keynote speaker was Mr. Jamie Whitten. He is an area sales manager at Glamox ltd. Mr. Whitten spoke about his vast experience of implementing Human Centric Lighting solutions. He also talked about the guides and best practices created by Glamox ltd., for a variety of industries. 
hcl_event_whitten Jamie Whitten, area sales manager at Glamox ltd
The venue

Glamox offered their guests an extraordinary experience by choosing a unique venue in the heart of London. The historically rich Churchill war rooms had an ambience of a pre-world war 2, 20th century Britain, equipped with amenities of the modern times.

Networking, live demos, tour of the war rooms & more

The Masterclass also provided networking opportunities to the attendees, along with refreshing snacks and live demonstrations of light management, and HCL-related products. The guests were also given a short tour of the war rooms. 

The outcome
The day came to an end with an interactive poll and a FAQs session. The feedback received by the guests was phenomenal and proved that the Masterclass was an absolute success.