Smart lighting solution reduces car park energy consumption by 92%

Finalebanen car park in Trondheim, Norway is a good example on how a light management system can provide both safe navigation and dramatically reduce energy consumption. 

Recently, Trondheim Parkering, the public parking company in Trondheim, upgraded two of their parks with new i40 LED luminaires and a wireless light management system from Glamox. In Finalebanen, the largest of the car parks, the energy consumption has been reduced by 92%. At the same time the new solution ensures safe passage for both cars and pedestrians. 

Safe passage
Key Account Manager in Glamox, Glen Møller explains: "The Glamox Wireless system uses a ‘follow me-function’ which means that when a sensor in one luminaire detects a car or a pedestrian in motion, it passes the signal on to the next luminaire in the network. Each of the luminaires that pick up the signal communicates with the surrounding luminaires telling them to dim up the light from 10 to 90%. This means that the car or person moving around in the car park will always have the path ahead illuminated."   

Cloud-based reporting
Furthermore, Glamox Wireless allows Trondheim Parkering full control over the lighting installation from their offices downtown through Glamox’s cloud based solution. The solution includes reports on energy consumption and maintenance statuses which lets the parking company know if a luminaire or a driver is broken. It can also provide visual presentations of the usage of the car park (heat mapping).

Check out the video below to see how the solution works:

Read more about Glamox Wireless here: