Welcome to the Glamox Luxonic website.

This website amalgamates all our brands in one place for convenience, and therefore the old Luxonic website is no longer in use.

Please be aware that Luxonic branded products have undergone a part number change in order to facilitate integration with the other brands.

We have a simple Luxonic to Glamox Luxonic part number translator tool available to help you find the products you are looking for if you actually know the old Luxonic part numbers.


Simply type the first part of the old Luxonic catalogue number into the search box, accessed by clicking on the magnifier icon found at the top right-hand side of the webpage. (circled in red in Fig 1 below) 

Fig 1.


For example, if you know the Luxonic SLIMLUX® D68 product, then simply type ‘SLD68’ into the search box and all the available SLIMLUX® D68 versions will appear in a list in the new part number format.

If you wish to reduce the list size, simply add the length to your search query. For example, ‘SLD68/1100’ will produce a list featuring all the available SLIMLUX® D68 in 1100 mm lengths. See Fig 2 below.


The old Luxonic part numbers can also be seen next to the corresponding new Glamox Luxonic part numbers once you have clicked on the 'Find your version'button and navigated to that webpage.


If you wish to simply view our whole range of products, simply click on ‘Products’ far left on the top menu. If you then wish to, you can use the filter option to segment the products shown by brand, optic type, IK class, etc. Simply scroll down the page until you see the ‘FILTERS’ section and click on ‘FILTERS’ to reveal the choices available to you.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Please do contact us if you cannot find the product you are searching for or require further assistance.

Glamox Luxonic