Lighting solutions 

for office environments

Good office lighting reduces health problems and enhances productivity. It contributes to comfortable, flexible and stimulating working environments. And it saves energy and money.

Our office lighting concept means:

Individually adjustable workplace lighting

People have different needs, depending on their age and the type of work they do.

Energy saving products and solutions

Since electricity is by far the largest expense in office lighting, investments in energy efficient products are quickly paid off.

Maximum flexibility for users and building owners

With our lighting solutions it is easy to move work stations and make changes to the layout of an office.

Application guide

Check out our room-by-room guide with recommendations and requirements for lighting in office buildings.

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How to light an open plan office

Switch between the tabs to study three recommended lighting solutions for a traditional classroom.

Recessed solution with Glamox C95-R luminaires

A popular solution: Luminaires recessed into the ceiling provide direct light and an uncluttered, aesthetic look, with clean lines and excellent general lighting. The microprismatic optics reduces luminance and glare.

Recessed solution

Pendant solution with Reed luminaires

This provides the same pleasant light as the recessed solution. The direct/indirect light helps to secure a smooth illumination of all surfaces in the room. The Trace asymmetric task light provides sufficient and flexible light level on the working area.

Pendant solution

Solution with free standing Linea uplighters

Free standing uplighters with a combination of direct and indirect lighting, providing a very flexible solution with pleasant general lighting as well as direct workstation lighting.

Free standing solution

Human Centric Lighting  in offices

Human Centric Lighting can adjust people’s daily rhythms and strengthen our motivation, well-being, and productivity. Human Centric Lighting solutions in office environments can bring increased energy and motivation to employees.

On site lighting assessments

On larger projects, we may offer lighting site assessment visits by our lighting experts. During these visits, we will observe your current lighting conditions and assess your requirements in both aesthetics and performance for the proposed lighting requirements. We will then carry out the necessary lighting calculations by our technical team and propose our recommendation for product types, luminaire positioning and lighting levels. Please contact us for more information.