Carelite LED - New generation
The patient’s bed head luminaire
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Carelite LED - New generation

The new Carelite is a natural development of our original patient’s bed head luminaire, which can be found in hospital wards and patient rooms all over the world.

It is the use of modern LED light sources that has made it possible to reduce the size of the new lamp head, compared with the original. Still, the integrated ergonomic handle remains an important feature, enabling the patient to direct the light exactly where he or she wants it, with minimal effort. The switch is positioned exactly where the thumb will find it when the hand grabs the handle. This makes operation easy even for patients with disabilities. Carelite is fully dimmable.

Integrated night-watch
Carelite is equipped with night-watch, an observation light for the nurse to check on the patient.

Exact positioning
Carelite has a covered spring balanced arm for easy cleaning and safe and easy positioning. The flexibility and precision of the spring balanced arm means that Carelite can be positioned exactly where the light is required. The light sources are positioned well inside the lamp head, in order to avoid glare. This is particularly important in multi-bed wards, as it allows one patient to have his or her reading light on without disturbing other patients in the ward.

All-metal construction
Carelite is made of powder-coated metal, such as aluminium and steel. 

Protected by SteriTouch®
Carelite is painted with SteriTouch® antimicrobial powder coating, which prevents the growth of bacteria, biofilm and mould. Based on ionic silver technology, the antimicrobial performance remains continuously effective throughout the product's lifetime.

Easy replacement
The new Carelite features the same arm construction and spigot as the traditional version. This means that all brackets and clamps can be reused with this new version.

LED – light source of the future
Light emitting diodes are not only small and robust. Carelite’s LEDs are extremely energy efficient, and have an incredible life span of 50 000 hours or more. The powerful LED module has an excellent light output giving approximately 2000 lux @ 0.6 metres.

Light source

LED: 400lm
3000K and CRI >90


Electronic, dimmable ballast as standard.

Body material & colour

Steel arm with plastic covers. Shade in aluminium.
Available in white colour.


Carelite can be wall, table or trolley mounted. Various mounting brackets and trolley are available on request.
For mounting on trolley, we recommend the use of extra weight for more stability.


Delivered with 1.7m long cable and plug.

Arm technology & movement

Parallel, three-pivot arm. Arm lengths are 105 cm for the table version and 105 cm or 115 cm for the wall version.

On/Off and dim.
Night-watch: Starts at minimum light level.


The new Luxo Carelite


Arm for wall mounting

Arms for wall mounting always tilt forward, and are designed for maximum vertical movement.

Wall extension

Carelite is available with a longer arm, for a total arm length of 115 cm.

Product detail

detail_carelite-led_positions carelite-led_115cm

Product environment

environment_carelite-led_hospital carelite_wh_doctor2 carelite_reading2 carelite_reading carelite_wh_doctor
Carelite (mm)
Carelite (inches)

Carelite LED 115


Measurement drawings

carelite_g2 carelite-led_usversion carelite-led-115

Energy label


Colchester Hospital University NHS Trust


The Trust provides healthcare services to around 370,000 people from Colchester and the surrounding area of north east Essex. In addition, we provide radiotherapy and oncology services to a wider population of about 670,000 people across north and mid-Essex.

Project Overview:
Colchester General Hospital recently refurbished the Acute Cardiac Unit, this is a ward that cares for patients with heart conditions and Peldon & Tiptree wards which are assigned to Care for the elderly. 

Care of the elderly wards work in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness in older people with the aim being to restore the patient to a level of optimal ability and return them to an independent life at home.

We supplied our new energy saving generation Carelite G2 which incorporates LED, night watch light, dimming and steritouch which were mounted above patients bed to assist with the clients well being during their stay. 

Client: Colchester Hospital University
Contractor: Colne Valley Building Services
Consultants: Dudley Smith Partnerships
Photography: Jeff Oliver Photography View reference

Vitanum Bodenheim Healthcare Centre


Vitanum is a modern medical centre, located in Bodenheim near Mainz, on the Rhein River in Germany.

At this healthcare centre, proximity not only represents perfect availability, short distances and close cooperation between specialists. Proximity is also a synonym for being close to people, friendliness and trust.

Vitanum unites several specialist wards to create mutual synergies: Orthopedics, sports medicine, trauma surgery, radiology, sports and accident rehabilitation, and oral surgery.

The requirements for the centre's new lighting scheme were as varied as the centre's range of services. The objective was to install a high-quality, cost-effective solution with comforting and innovative lighting design.

A major lighting installation
A total of 850 Glamox Luxo luminaires were installed throughout the building. The range of installed products includes recessed and surface-mounted luminaires, wall-mounted and pendant luminaires. Great care was taken to ensure that the lighting would contribute to the patients' well-being, by providing a pleasant light distribution. Dimmable, general lighting with the required illuminance was installed in examination facilities and surgeries at the Vitanum healthcare centre.

As patients are normally in their hospital beds when they are taken to operating theatres, the corridors have been equipped with Walle luminaires, which produce only minimum levels of glare thanks to a structured, acrylic glass cover.

Clean room luminaires were installed in the operating theatres, and Carelite bed head luminaires in the wards.

Other areas were equipped with Modul Micro recessed luminaires. These luminaires are installed completely flush with the ceiling, and consequently almost invisible to patients. The unique composition of the microprismatic material considerably reduces the luminance and glare levels. The cool colour temperature of the lamps creates an impression of natural daylight coming in through the ceiling.
View reference

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