Escape route based on LED
CE ENEC LED emergency mounting_ld_receed_celing-2

E85-R WB

Wide beam for anti panic light

E85-R C

Especially designed for corridors


E85-R is a recessed escape route light or anti-panic emergency light system based on LED.
The escape route system, E85-R C, is especially designed for corridors and covers a 17 metre corridor with 1 lux in centre line.

The anti-panic light, E85-R WB, have a circular wide beam light distribution that covers 8 x 8 metres with the required 0,5 lux.

Both variants can be supplied for manual, selftest and central controlled testing and monitoring. Using an environmentally friendly NiMh battery.

Body material & colour

White painted aluminium with component box in Polycarbonate.


For recessed mounting. Spring-locking mounting clips are included.


A 3 or 5 pole terminal block.

Emergency system

Supplied in standard (S), selftest (ST) or addressable (DALI) system for 1 or 3 hours duration.

Mounting 1


Mounting 2


Mounting 3

Product detail

e85-r_mounting_1 e85-r_mounting_2 e85-r_mounting_4


E85-R C LED E1

E85-R C for Corridor


E85-R WB for Wide Beam

Measurement drawings


Light measurement drawings

E85-R C LED E1 E85-R WB LED E1

Abbey Barn, Ickleton


Following a previous project with this client, Glamox Luxo were again the preferred supplied for this project. Working closely with the Architec and Exor Lighting Controls, a scheme was developed to include fullly integrated lighting control.

In the two main offices a suspended linear system with an uplight component with both louvred and dummy sections incorporating the lighting controls, our C20-P3 was the prefered product for this. For the meeting rooms, something a little more aesthetic was sought, the Levit-P fitted the bill.   

Client - Hills Partnership
Architect - Cowper Griffith Architects
Electrical Contractor - Mark Winters View case study

Mills & Reeve refurbishment project


Project Overview:
Mills & Reeve office building in historic part of medieval Norwich is the workplace for more than 230 employees. After fifteen years in the building, the company decided that it was time to give the facilities a complete overhaul to create an innovative and flexible space for staff and clients. "Project Manager Adri Van Der Colff said the aim of the £3.8m investment was to create an inspiring working environment for a growing workforce and vastly improve their clients experience".

Glamox range of  luminaires were chosen for both high quality and their visually pleasing appearance, whilst simultaneously creating interest. 

Client Mills & Reeve
Architect:  Feilden+Mawson
Consultant: Ingleton Wood 
Contractor: Contact Electrical
Photography: Gary Rowsel

View case study

Croft Medical Centre, Chelmsley Wood


Project Overview
Croft Medical Centre is an NHS practice under contract with NHS England, serving the local community. The practice moved into a brand new building in 2015. The owners were determined to create the best possible setting for patients and staff. At the new Croft Medical Centre, this includes not only functional architecture and clean aesthetics, but also modern lighting technology and lighting design.

Our Solution
Careful use of colour, furniture and lighting can make the atmosphere of a practice feel fresh and different. It can mitigate patients’ anxiety and stress as they enter the premises. For example may the use of decorative luminaires create intimacy and soften the clinical ambience. Still, a medical practice is a professional working environment, and ample lighting is required.

At Croft Medical Centre this has been solved by combining the installation of decorative lighting products with recessed luminaires and downlights throughout. The practice is a showcase for good lighting solutions.

Products Installed
Glamox C70-R600 LED recessed luminaires
Glamox C15-R600 LED recessed luminaires
Glamox D70-R downlights
Glamox A10-S350 LED decorative wall luminaires
GPV2-600 LED industrial luminaires
Eminent 1200 LED industrial luminaires
Glamox A50-P pendant luminaires
Glamox E85-R LED emergency lighting
Glamox E80-S LED exit signs
Luxo LHH LED specialist medical examination luminaires

Client:                              Chelmsley Associates Ltd.
Consultant:                     Mr. Dan Horton, Principal Electrical Engineer at
 Engineering Services Consultancy Ltd, Birmingham
Electrical Contractor:    Skerrit Electrical Ltd., Birmingham
Photographs:                 Karl Otto Kristiansen View case study

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RFA Revit Files


RFA Revit Files

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