Based on the open wireless protocol ZigBee 3.0

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Stock code: A
A wireless ZigBee sensor head. Contains both a PIR presence sensor and a daylight sensor. Communicates on ZigBee 3.0 Mesh between the devices and on Bluetooth with the end-user/installer for commissioning and user settings. For mounting see our mounting devices for recessed or surface mounting. Wired DALI D4i connection for power and communication to luminaire.
Stock code: A
Recessed mounting box for sensor type LMS ZIGBEE PIR CLS SENSOR. Easy to mount with a cut-out of 68mm.
Stock code: A
Surface ceiling mounting box for sensor type LMS ZIGBEE PIR CLS SENSOR.
Stock code: A
The ZigBee DALI bridge is a gateway between our wireless ZigBee components and a standard DALI luminaire. The bridge sends a DALI broadcast command on the luminaire side and has a built-in DALI power supply of 80mA. The unit comes with covered terminals and integrated cable clamp that allows easy mounting over the ceiling.
Stock code: A
Gateway for connecting large installations using Glamox Wireless ZigBee. This gateway also contains astronomical clock and schedulers for setting events or HCL cycles. The gateway also works as a bridge between Glamox Wireless ZigBee and our web based monitoring solution Glamox Connect.