Robust and powerful industrial high bay LED luminaire for demanding applications
Item no
Item Description
Stock code
ceiling_bracket Item no: I50503605
Item Description: A90-P/i50/i75/i90-P/i95-P CEILING BRACKET
Stock code: A
suspension_for_horizontal_wire Item no: I50504572
Item Description: A90-P/i50/i75/i90-P/i95-P SUSPENSION F/HOR.WIRE
Stock code: B
suspension_wire Item no: I50504573
Item Description: A90-P/i50/i75/i90-P/i95-P SUSPENSION WIRE 4 M
Stock code: A
height_adjuster_for_wire Item no: I50504733
Item Description: A90-P/i50/i75/i95-P HEIGHT ADJUSTER FOR WIRE
Stock code: A
wiring_ext_iw-sen_m20 Item no: EXT001001
Item Description: LMS EXT IW-SEN M20
Stock code: C
wiring_ext_iw-sen_tw_m25 Item no: EXT001002
Item Description: LMS EXT IW-SEN TW M25
Stock code: C


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