LHH LED - New generation
Modern medical examination luminaire
ENEC Certified for use in hospitals and wards LED DIM

The new Luxo LHH

LHH is approved as a medical device.

LHH LED - New generation

The new LHH is a natural development of our original medical examination luminaire, which is in daily use by medical professionals all over the world.

It is the highly flexible self-balancing arm in conjunction with excellent light output that has given our LHH diagnostic luminaires their vast popularity among the medical profession. The frictionless horizontal and vertical movement and the ease of use make the LHH the most flexible examination luminaire on the market – and the best in its class. The use of modern LED light sources has made it possible to reduce the size of the new lamp head, compared with the original. The reduced size provides for even better viewing conditions.

For demanding viewing conditions
LHH is designed especially for demanding viewing conditions that require exceptionally good light such as medical examination and minor procedures. It has widespread applications throughout the health sector, in hospitals, health centers and consulting rooms.

Exact positioning
LHH has a covered spring balanced arm for easy cleaning and safe and easy positioning. The flexibility and precision of the spring balanced arm means that LHH can be positioned exactly where the light is required. The light sources are positioned well inside the lamp head, in order to avoid glare. The direction of the handle indicates the direction of the beam. LHH is fully dimmable.

All-metal construction
LHH is made of powder-coated metal, such as aluminium and steel. The light source is covered with tempered glass. 

Protected by SteriTouch®
LHH is painted with SteriTouch® antimicrobial powder coating, which prevents the growth of bacteria, biofilm and mould. Based on ionic silver technology, the antimicrobial performance remains continuously effective throughout the product's lifetime.

Easy replacement
The new LHH features the same arm construction and spigot as the traditional version. This means that all brackets and clamps can be reused with this new version.

Approved medical device
LHH is approved as a medical device according to IEC/EN 60601-1 Medical electrical equipment - Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance and IEC/EN 60601-1-2 Electromagnetic compatibility – requirements and tests.

Available with adjustable colour temperature
A version of LHH with adjustable colour temperature is available. This makes it possible to switch between warm white and cool white light, depending on the task at hand. The warm white setting is ideal for dermatological examinations, while the cool white setting is ideal for the recognition of blood vessels.

LED – light source of the future
Light emitting diodes are not only small and robust. LHH’s LEDs are extremely energy efficient, and have an incredible life span of 50 000 hours or more. The powerful LED module has an excellent light output giving more than 24 000 lux @ 1 metre.

Light source

CRI is 95 (CRI on R9: 98)

Standard version:
Approx. 35,000lux at 1m and 120,000lux at 0.5m,  4000K. D10 is 300mm on 1m, 160mm on 50cm.

CCT version:
Approx. 25,000lux at 1m and 65,000lux at 0.5. 3500/4000/4500K. D10 is 300mm on 1m, 160mm on 50cm.

Body material & colour

Steel arm with plastic covers. Aluminium shade. Colour: White with black details.


LHH can be mounted on ceiling, wall, table or trolley. Various table clamps, integrated table mount, wall mount, ceiling mount and trolley are available as accessories on request.

Optimum Mounting Height
Ceiling: 2.7m
Wall: 1.4m - 1.6m

Power supply

Delivered with cable and plug. 
Wall and ceiling - 1.7m.
Table / trolley version - 3.2m 

Arm technology & movement

Parallel, three-pivot arm for Wall (W), Table (T) or Ceiling (C). Special version for Trolley is marked "TR".
Arm lengths are 105 cm or 115 cm.

On/Off and dim.
Watch-light: Starts at minimum light level.
CCT: Step 3500/4000/4500K 

UL 60601-1, IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC/EN 60601-1-2.

The new Luxo LHH


The new Luxo LHH


Arms for table or trolley mounting

Table mounted arms and arms for trolley stands are designed for maximum horizontal movement.

Arms for wall or ceiling mounting

Arms for wall or ceiling mounting always tilt forward, and are designed for maximum vertical movement.

Ceiling mount

Using a ceiling mount saves valuable space and adds a wide radius of movement.

Product detail

detail_lhh-led_horizontal-movement detail_lhh-led_vertical-movement ceiling_mount_x508_140dpi

Product environment

environment_lhh-led_hospital environment_lhh-led_light

Measurement drawings


Energy label


Croft Medical Centre, Chelmsley Wood


Project Overview
Croft Medical Centre is an NHS practice under contract with NHS England, serving the local community. The practice moved into a brand new building in 2015. The owners were determined to create the best possible setting for patients and staff. At the new Croft Medical Centre, this includes not only functional architecture and clean aesthetics, but also modern lighting technology and lighting design.

Our Solution
Careful use of colour, furniture and lighting can make the atmosphere of a practice feel fresh and different. It can mitigate patients’ anxiety and stress as they enter the premises. For example may the use of decorative luminaires create intimacy and soften the clinical ambience. Still, a medical practice is a professional working environment, and ample lighting is required.

At Croft Medical Centre this has been solved by combining the installation of decorative lighting products with recessed luminaires and downlights throughout. The practice is a showcase for good lighting solutions.

Products Installed
Glamox C70-R600 LED recessed luminaires
Glamox C15-R600 LED recessed luminaires
Glamox D70-R downlights
Glamox A10-S350 LED decorative wall luminaires
GPV2-600 LED industrial luminaires
Eminent 1200 LED industrial luminaires
Glamox A50-P pendant luminaires
Glamox E85-R LED emergency lighting
Glamox E80-S LED exit signs
Luxo LHH LED specialist medical examination luminaires

Client:                              Chelmsley Associates Ltd.
Consultant:                     Mr. Dan Horton, Principal Electrical Engineer at
 Engineering Services Consultancy Ltd, Birmingham
Electrical Contractor:    Skerrit Electrical Ltd., Birmingham
Photographs:                 Karl Otto Kristiansen View case study

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