Luxo Maximum
Self-balancing arm for monitors and screens
Our Maximum arm offers long reach, perfect balance, and maximum vertical and horizontal movement.

Luxo Maximum

The maximum arm has been developed specifically for use with monitors and patient terminals. It offers a long reach, perfect balance, and maximum vertical and horizontal movement. It is easily repositioned as required. Wiring is built into the arm, allowing cabling with connectors be used without modification.

Made to order
The Maximum arm is made to order. A self-balancing arm with internal gas springs, the springs need careful calibration to match the weight of its load. Correctly calibrated, the arm will last for more than 30,000 cycles. Standard warranty for arm movement and components (cables not included) is 5 year.

The arm is designed to take good care of internal wiring, so minimizing stress and potential cable breakage.

A version with a spring balanced VESA terminal mount is available upon request. A Product Specificaton Document is required for any orders.

Standard colour is RAL 9010 (white), other colours available upon request.

Easy maintenance
Replacement and service is made easy due to the internal cable duct. Covers can be removed easily while the arm is installed and the complete cable set replaced with all connectors left on. This minimizes both service costs and down-time. Easy cable shift version available on demand..

Body material & colour

Aluminium arm. Colours: white and light grey.


Male and female bottom spigots are available on demand.

Arm technology & movement

Parallel, three-pivot arm. Arm lengths are 110 cm and 150 cm.

Load capacity is 1.0 kg to 10.0 kg for 110 cm arm, 1.0 kg to 7.0 kg for 150 cm arm. Low loads may require an extra weight to make the arm balance. Maximum total cable diameter: 10 mm.

Maximum + Carelite


Maximum + Carelite


Maximum + Carelite


Luxo Maximum at Charleroi Hospital, Belgium


Luxo Maximum

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Luxo Maximum

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