V-LED® 180C
High efficiency IP20 low wattage downlighter
IP20 CE LED DIM mounting_ld_receed_celing-2

V-LED® 180C

The V-LED® 180C is a simple, yet very effective, circular, LED downlighter. It is a low wattage, high efficiency light fitting which would suit a variety of application areas but is a perfect fit for schools,  commercial buildings, and in areas of high usage where energy efficiency is crucial.

Supplied with a medium beam reflector and available as 4000 K Ra 80 (840) or 3000 K Ra 80 (830) using COB light source, this fixed, recessed, downlighter boasts great build quality and offers easy installation. The die-cast aluminium heat-sink housing provides good heat management, helping to prolong component life.


  • Die-cast aluminium heat-sink housing
  • Protected to IP20 from the lit space
  • 3 hour remote emergency available
  • Up to 112 luminaire lumens per circuit Watt
  • Supplied with phase-cut dimming driver as standard
  • Finished in white RAL9010 20% bezel

Measurement drawings


Light measurement drawings



Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce retailer needed to install a lighting system at its Manchester-based warehouse and offices. With 80,000 sq m of total floor space, we were tasked with designing the lighting installation and supplying luminaires, to improve the energy efficiency of the global internet retailer’s operation on a project of epic scale.

The Solution
We recognised that the mixed-use environment of the office and warehouse would require a variety of lighting and control solutions. After carefully assessing the purpose each space would have for Amazon employees, our expert lighting engineers and designers chose from the company’s vast range of sustainable LED fixtures.

For the warehouse, split into four mezzanine levels, we were tasked with lighting occupied areas to 300 lux. For mezzanine levels, the MULTILENS LED was built into LINEARLUX® pre-wired trunking and, for racking and double-height mezzanine areas, the AISLELUX® and HI-MAX® LEDs were selected respectively. Each of the 5,000 luminaires were grouped according to the client’s specification and controlled by a LUXLINK® wireless system, allowing Amazon to use Android tablet technology to adjust light levels and monitor energy consumption. In aisles where Amazon’s KIVA robotics system operate, areas were lit to 50 lux to further reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

Though smaller in size, many different luminaires were selected for use in the office space. For office and meeting areas, our MICROLUX® LED was selected whilst our V-LED® 180 LED was installed in communal areas such as the staff internet café. For locker rooms, plants, risers and stores, CORRIST ranges were chosen with our V-LED® 50C LEDs built into bathroom ceilings. Our CORRILUX® 450C LEDs were used for stairways and MEDILUX® for kitchen areas, with our emergency luminaires, SINZ® and PRW, attached externally and internally throughout. Each of the 800 luminaires contained a built-in wireless sensor and transceiver, linked up to the LUXLINK® system. Additionally, office, communal and kitchen luminaires incorporated Luxonic’s Plug & Play wiring.

The Result
Thanks to the expertise of our lighting engineers and designers, we had the knowledge and experience to deal with the huge scale of the project and delivered purpose-lit, contemporary offices and warehousing spaces. The highly efficient lighting scheme minimises energy, as well as automatically testing the emergency lighting system and monitoring energy consumption. Amazon’s large-scale retailing operation will certainly benefit from our energy-cost reducing luminaires and intelligent controls. View case study

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