Case Studies

Kongsgård Moen school

Kongsgård Moen school at Kongsberg was built in August 2015. It has 230 primary school pupils excellent facilities for learning and recreation. Human Centric lighting was used to enhance the pupils learning environment.
Project Overview:
New elementary school in Kongsberg. First major construction delivered in Norway with Human Centric Lighting.

Our Solution:
All classrooms are supplied with Human Centric Lighting. Break out areas are illuminated with C70 and foyer is illuminated with Modul-P. Auditorium and foyer is illuminated with C50-S and C50-R

The school has installed luminaires with adjustable colour temperature, so-called "tuneable white 'luminaires with LEDs that can be adjusted from cold white to warm white light. All classrooms are equipped with this solution, making this the most comprehensive Human Centric Lighting LED installation to date.

The luminaires have LEDs that change colour according to predefined and / or manual settings. The colour reproduction is very high (Ra> 90), much higher than the minimum requirements for school lighting. It makes colouring, reading and writing easier and more comfortable. Colour alignment is controlled by the teacher using a wall mounted user panel.

Products installed:

Modul- R600 4400 DALI CCT
C70 - R600 4300 MP
MODUL - P945 LED C50 S C50 -R

Developer: Kongsberg Municipal Property
Main Contractor: Skorve Contractor A / S
Architects: Enerhaugen arkitektkontor
Electrical Consultant: Reinertsen
Electrical Contractor: United Installers A / S
Project and Sales Engineer: Frode Auvi - Lyngar , Glamox Luxo Lighitng