Case Studies

KRH Klinikum, Hannover

KRH Klinikum in Hannover opened its doors in 2014, and is one of the most modern hospitals in Germany. More than 2000 luminaires from Glamox Luxo Lighting are installed here.
Light has a great influence on patients' well-being and mood. Appealing lighting with sophisticated and coordinated design is important when planning a modern healthcare facility. The objective must be to provide the best possible support for the various functions, using the right type of light.

At KRH Klinikum employees and patients benefit from a lighting concept that has been tailored to suit their individual needs. The illuminance levels are all based on the relevant national and international standards for good hospital lighting.

Hotel standard hospital
The newly developed facility is located near the Hannover city centre. It can quite rightly be considered trendsetting, as it guarantees the best possible medical care, a sophisticated environment and hotel style comfort at the highest level. This is achieved by well thought-out architecture, an appealing interior design and lighting that puts patients and staff in the focus.

Glamox C60-S type luminaires are used in the hospital's operating theatres. Special hygiene regulations apply to luminaires installed in surgeries and facilities around operating theatres, which must also be taken into account in the lighting concept. Special clean room technologies protect patients, staff, operating procedures and objects from contamination by preventing any dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses in the air from depositing on the luminaires. Glamox C60-S has been tested and certified in compliance with the strictest ISO requirements for sterile facilities.

Glamox C20-RL luminaires were installed in the wards. This is a recessed luminaire for modular or sealed ceilings. It can be installed individually or in lighting rows. The grid features an automatic spring lock and it can be easily detached for installation or any future bulb changes.

Versatile downlights
The Glamox D20 downlight series provides an ample range of round and square downlights. Enhanced reflector technology safeguards efficient energy use. Additional designs and a wide range of decorative elements make it easy to adapt the solution to different environments.

Planners were also impressed by the stylish Glamox A20. This luminaire features a decorative, indirect section to create a tranquil and appealing atmosphere. It is suitable for installation on walls and ceilings and is made of high-grade materials. The A20-S with opal, high-gloss acrylic glass is available in several lamp options to make it easy to adapt the light quantity to the usage area.