Chemical facilities

Chemical engineering facilities provide particularly harsh environments and a variety of work tasks. High temperatures, dusty environments and the presence of damaging gases may pose challenges to the lighting installation.
Chemical processes are often fully automated and require constant surveillance. A proper vertical illumination is therefore needed for monitoring. Where screens are present, care should be taken to avoid unwanted glare and reflections. Illuminance requirements vary with the presence of people. Remote-controlled facilities require less light than constantly manned workplaces.

In areas where substances are mixed, grinded or pulverized, luminaires need to be dust-protected. Open containers need to be well illuminated. Some facilities may involve explosive substances, whereby explosion-protected luminaires are needed.

Where soiling is prevalent, enclosed luminaires are needed. Such luminaires offer long-term protection and are resistant to dust, moisture, chemicals, mechanical stresses and extreme ambient temperatures. Nevertheless, the plastic materials used in the enclosures have varying chemical resistance and should fit the application. One should also take care that the gases present do not reduce the lifetime of LED light sources. This is mitigated by selecting durable LED and control gear components.

Linear luminaire systems are suited for ceiling heights up to 15 m. Above 6 m, high-bay luminaires with narrow or medium beam reflectors are an alternative. Where the general lighting is not enough to aid the task at hand, dimmable workplace luminaires give extra illuminance.

Lighting requirements in EN 12464-1

Industrial activities and crafts - Chemical, plastics and rubber industry

Type of area, task or activity
 Lux-level (Em)
Glare rating (UGRL
 Colour rendition
 Specific requirements
Remote-operated processing installations
Safety colours shall be recognisable
Processing installations with limited manual intervention 150 28 0,40 40  
Constantly manned work stations in processing installations 300 25 0,60 80  
Precision measuring rooms, laboratories 500 19 0,60 80  
Pharmaceutical production 500 22 0,60 80  
Tyre production 500 22 0,60 80  
Colour inspection 1 000 16 0,70 90 4 000 K < CCT < 6 500 K
Cutting, finishing, inspection  750 19 0,70 80  

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