As increasing demands are put on product quality, the top priority in a cleanroom is to protect products from contamination. Cleanliness and hygiene are secured by enclosed, lowmaintenance and easy-to-clean luminaires.
The cleanroom sector includes the chemical, semiconductor, biochemical, electrical, microelectronics and metal processing industries. Also, there are cleanrooms in the food industry and industrial kitchens are sometimes equipped with cleanroom luminaires.

The air inside cleanrooms flows in two ways. Either with a vertical flow of air, as in a chimney, or a mixed air flow, with turbulent patterns. The latter requires luminaires with the highest IP rating. Such luminaires are mostly recessed, with access from above the ceiling.

The requirements for a cleanroom luminaire are documented in various standards and guidelines. Two important criteria are particle emission and microbial contamination. Luminaires should have as few and as clean surfaces as possible on which dirt may be trapped. Design features such as undercuts, slits and joints hinder effective removal of unwanted particles by the air flow. Luminaires should also handle aggressive detergents to avoid the surface from becoming rougher with time.

The Glamox C60 luminaire range was certified by the Fraunhofer Institute with a cleanliness classification in accordance with IPA and EN ISO 14644-1 standards. We can offer a number of different framing options whether this is for single lights or complex configurations. A ground breaking reflector/mirror technology and different optics provide greater flexibility and efficiency. Through careful design the desired, optimum and safe working conditions are provided for the personnel at all times.

EN table

No requirements apply for cleanrooms in general. However, the visual task in cleanrooms for chemical, food processing and other industries have requirements listed under the respective application.