Food processing

In food processing, cleanliness and hygiene are imperative to ensure product quality. Often sharp utensils and processing machines are in use. This requires safe operational lighting.
Today’s food processing is often automated with machines that require less frequent supervision. Still, vertical illuminance is required for supervision via computer screens and control panels. Illuminance requirements also vary according to the task being carried out. Inspection of finished goods, cutting, and sorting require higher illuminance levels than for example washing, boiling and filling operations.

Where food is handled, the colour rendering should be good. Not only for colour-critical end product inspection, but also to evaluate goods freshness during the processing. Pendant work station lighting with high Ra-value light sources are an appropriate solution.

Plant atmospheres could be aggressive and may contain vapour, heat and dust. In such environments, luminaires should be protected with high IP-rating. Enclosed luminaires with wideor narrow-beam optics are a good choice. The luminaires should also be easy to clean. A two-week, or even daily, cleaning schedule is common in many processing 
lants. Cleanliness is determined by luminaire design, material selection, surface treatment and IP-rating. Luminaire enclosures should also prevent fragments of glass landing the food.

Lighting requirements in EN 12464-1

Industrial activities and crafts - Food stuffs and luxury food industry

Type of area, task or activity
 Lux-level (Em)
Glare rating (UGRL
 Colour rendition
 Specific requirements
Work stations and zones in:

- breweries, malting floor.
- for washing, barrel filling, cleaning, sieving, peeling.
- Cooking in preserve and chocolate factories.
- work stations and zones in sugar factories.
 for drying and fermenting raw tobacco, fermentation cellar.

Sorting and washing of products, milling, mixing, packing  300 25 0,60 80  
Work stations and critical zones in slaughter houses, butchers, dairies mills, on filtering floor in sugar refineries 500 25 0,60 80  
Cutting and sorting of fruit and vegetables 300 25 0,60 80  
Manufacture of delicatessen foods, kitchen work, manufacture of cigars and cigarettes  500  22 0,60 80  
Inspection of glasses and bottles, product control, trimming, sorting, decoration 500 22 0,60 80  
Laboratories 500 19 0,60 80  
Colour inspection  1 000 16 0,70 90 4 000 K < CCT < 6 500 K

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