Heavy industry

Heavy industry involves mining and metal processing. Luminaires for these applications require high ingress protection rating and explosion protected design for some areas.
Uniformity may be a challenge for the lighting installation with heavy equipment that may block the light or line of sight. Directional lighting may cause unwanted shadows from machines, if not taken into consideration when planning the light. To make instruments easy to read, good vertical illumination must be provided. This will also aid navigation and movement in stairs. Where a high risk of condensation, corrosion-resistant luminaires with proper ingress protection need to be used, and Ex-luminaires where necessary.

The vision may be impaired by dust, smoke or vapours; Hence a higher illumination is needed in plants with occasional or continuous manual operation. Traditionally, luminaires with high-pressure sodium vapour lamps have been used in heavy industry applications. Due to their poor colour rendering, to replace them with more energy efficient LED luminaires with high colour rendering capabilities should be considered.

When the work gets very specific, as on constantly manned workplaces such as control rooms or operating rooms, task area lighting is the correct solution. Either by arm-based task lights or linear lights above the workstation.

Industrial activities and crafts - Rolling mills, iron and steel works

Type of area, task or activity
 Lux-level (Em)
Glare rating (UGRL
 Colour rendition
 Specific requirements
Production plants without manual operation 50 - 0,40 20 Safety colours shall be recognisable.
Production plants with occasional manual operation  150 28 0,40 40  
Production plants with continuous manual operation  200  25 0,60 80  
Slab Store 50  - 0,40 20 Safety colours shall be recognisable.
Furnaces  200 25 0,40 20 Safety colours shall be recognisable.
Mill train: coiler: shear line 300 25 0,60 40  
Control platforms: control panels  300 22 0,60 80  
Test, measurement and inspection  500 22 0,60 80  
Underfloor man-sized tunnels: belt sections, cellars, ect.  50 - 0,40 20 Safety colours shall be recognisable. 

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