Storage and logistics

Warehouses are generally tall due to the high racks inside. Access to daylight may be low or even absent. Narrow aisles present special lighting requirements.
Activity levels in warehouses may vary from frequent people and truck traffic to total absence. To save area, racks are built higher while efficiency requirements rise. A safe and swift navigation is necessary to secure goods flow speed while avoiding accidents.

Together with the introduction of LED light sources, that are instantly lit, sensor control systems may reduce on-time and thereby energy consumption in warehouses significantly. Motion detection sensors switch on the light only when people or trucks are present. Dividing the hall into zones makes it possible to shut off or reduce lighting levels in parts of the building.

Indoor-outdoor transitions at vehicle entrances and exits represent an accident risk.The need for higher illuminance levels may contrast the avoidance of too high luminance differences. Therefore, a careful lighting design plan is needed to even out the different lighting levels in the transition zone between the lit building and the darkness outside or the opposite – between daylight and the dark building interior.

For high-bay racking, high vertical illuminance helps reading labels on stored goods and racks. Linear luminaires with narrow-beam reflectors are suited for mounting heights up to 15 m. In bays higher than 6 m, special high-bay reflector luminaires are also an alternative. These narrow beam luminaires cast light below aisles and onto shelf systems. For lower ceiling heights and greater distance between aisles, wide beam or asymmetrical beam luminaires are preferred. Both linear fluorescent and LED light sources are suitable in these areas.

Lighting requirements in EN 12464-1

General areas inside buildings - Storage rack areas

Type of area, task or activity
 Lux-level (Em)
Glare rating (UGRL
 Colour rendition
 Specific requirements
Gangways: unmanned
Illuminance at floor level.
Gangways: manned 150 22 0,40 60 Illuminance at floor level.
Control stations 150 22 0,60 80  
Storage rack face  200 - 0,40 60 Vertical illuminance, portable lighting may be used.

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