Meeting and conference rooms

Meeting rooms need careful attention because the range of activities spans from one‐to‐one talks via presentation to big conferences. At the same time, the interior and lighting design communicate the company culture internally and externally.
A flexible lighting scheme with efficient control systems supports the various uses of the meeting room. Ceiling luminaires provide efficient background lighting and lighting for more demanding tasks.

Spotlighting and wall washers light up details or walls and create variation. An easy to operate control panel should contain various light settings to support activities such as e.g. note‐taking, presentations or conversations.

A good presentation light is needed to see the presenter’s face well. This light would need to be synchronized with screen‐based presentations or videos.

Lightning requirements

Type of area,
task or activity
 Lux-level (Em)
Glare rating (UGRL
 Colour rendition
Conference and meeting rooms
Lighting should be controllable.

• In some enclosed places such as offices, education, health care and general areas of entrance, corridors, stairs, etc., the walls and ceiling need to be brighter. In these places it is recommended that the maintained illuminances on the major surfaces should have the following values: Ēm > 75 lx with Uo ≥ 0,10 on the walls and Ēm > 50 lx with Uo ≥ 0,10 on the ceiling.

• The maintained mean cylindrical illuminance (average vertical plane illuminance) in the activity and interior areas shall be not less than 50 lx with Uo ≥ 0,10, on a horizontal plane at a specified height, for example 1,2 m for sitting people and 1,6 m for standing people above the floor.

• In areas, where good visual communication is important, especially in offices, meeting and teaching areas, Ēz should not be less than 150 lx with Uo ≥ 0,10.

• For uniform arrangement of luminaires or roof lights a value between 0,30 and 0,60 is an indicator of good modelling.

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