Web app

Our app for smartphones and tablets was launched in 2012. This tool makes possible to find products, check technical data, see pictures and choose the right products for your project, even when you're on the go and not at the office.
Our web app is available for most smartphones and tablets with an Internet connection, and it always has updated information about our products.

Make lighting calculations on your telephone!
Our tool for simple lighting calculations is called EasyCalc. EasyCalc is integrated in our web app. This means that you can make simple lighting calculations on your smart telephone in order to find out how many luminaires you need in a room. You can generate a PDF with a 3D drawing of the room, with project information, information about the chosen luminaire and the lighting calculations. The PDF can be sent to anyone via email directly from your telephone.

Also available off-line
If you wish you can also activate an off-line version of the web app. Between 25 and 35 MB of space is required. Note: The following functions are not available when working in the off-line version: Environmental images and EasyCalc. All other functions are operational.

Please take note of the following when you activate the off-line version:

  • Every time you start the program it will search for updates.  It will only download new files or changed files/data. You can use the app also when the updates are running.

  • If you incur problems it may help to update the unit with the newest software. We also recommend that you empty the browser's cache if you incur problems with the off-line version.

Create a shortcut on your telephone!
You can create a shortcut on your telephone's desktop by using the phone's own tool for this. (Check the user manual for your telephone.) This way our app is always ready for use on your telephone.