Working from home

Working from home has become the new normal for many. But a “home office” can mean a lot of different things.

Some are lucky and have a spare room that can be equipped like a proper office with a work desk and office chair. But many work from the kitchen table or in the living room, or in some other less suitable location in the home. This can be a challenge ergonomically, and can be a particular challenge when trying to set up a suitable environment for video meetings.

How to set up your home office for video meetings
Video meetings have become an important part of working from home, as people find they have less opportunities for travelling to out-of-town meetings. Here are some things to remember when planning for a video meeting.

How do I look?
The most important thing is to be natural. People should look at you and listen to what you have to say, and not be distracted by how you look. Pay attention to what you wear. Your appearance should be professional, and clothing is an important aspect of how you look.

Where is the camera?
The position of the camera should be in the middle over the screen, and placed so you will sit with a straight back with the camera parallel to your face. We don’t want to see the top of your head or in your nose. If you are using a lap-top with a built-in camera you should try to raise it from the tabletop, for example by placing it on some books.

The background
The background is of the utmost importance for creating an on-screen office ambiance. Avoid cluttered bookshelves and backgrounds with too many details. The background should be neutral and provide a contrast to how you appear. A single piece of artwork on the back wall may be fine. And most importantly: Avoid strong light from behind you – do not sit in front of a window!

Proper lighting
Your message will be much stronger when people can see your facial expressions and body language. For this reason, you need a light source to light up your face from behind the camera. Ideally, this should be a light source that will also help you achieve good lighting ergonomics for your home office – for example a task light.  

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